May 25, 2011

Into The Great Wide Open

How many miles of this would YOU drag a kayak through to get to "the best whitewater" in WA?

Creek Sides gets 'er done so you don't have to!!

No shortage of adventure in there.

how longgg...

How many miles? How much adventure? How many bears will we meet along the way? How much...  Guess you'll just have to stay tuned and find out. 

photos: Miguel Vieira        

Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival dealings

The Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival was another hit! After 28 years these guys just keep doing it right (except for the ramp dudes), the location, events and of course the shwag!!

 Next Adventure gets around!

when you come to the Clack you CAN challenge the best

on the river

We did the Clack at a big flow on Fri, what a hoot!! Unfortunately, there was a big flood earleir in the year that washed all the play features away. And the ramp didn't get built in time. No ramp either. Maybe there is something new to paddle around here with so much water... The Roaring was snowed in. NF Clack was too low. We went up and did the Collowash, a fun river with an interesting mix of scenic floating and some fun class IV-ish drops. There was one solid class V drop in there, complete with a very active sieve, multiple moves to make and a backed up room of doom at the bottom. Yeah!!

Alder Creek has a goood selection of boats

Dave Hoffman and Kim Russell say Hell Yeah to another Clack Fest!!

mass starts are usually pretty fun

What's cool about this photo, besides the three upside down or partially upside down boats in the hole on the right and the upside down blue and white one on the left (not to mention the dude Luke Spencer is running over in the blue boat), is there are two other boaters you can't see IN THE HOLE!! And the dude paddling into the hole... his boat isn't yellow. Good thing this race is only one rapid!! 

 too many boaters in one hole

Wallace and Sunset Falls

Comps are fun. So is seeing old friends and paddling new runs, but Creek Siders like to get back to nature and commune with the little woodland critters of the PNW. Critters are people, too.

NF Wallace

guess what was next door...

Sunset Falls - Index, WA
A thundering, riotous, thunder-horse of a freight train that will rip your body parts off if you flip over. You have to stay upright for at least 19 seconds (if you don't go in the cave on the way down).


The ramp didn't happen and the play features were all gone so we went upstream to parts unknown. The Collowash has 2 sections, we did the lower. And I got a chance to take out the new 2011 Super Hero!! Thanks to Alder Creek Canoe and Kayak, who had a plethora of Jackson demos available!! FOR FREE!!!

The new Super Hero is an improvement over the old design. Snappier on eddy turns, more stable, and overall a better fit and feel, the new Super Hero was predictable and boofed like a champ!! A great boat for the newer creeker or the steepest shizz yer gonna fire up!!

The Collowash was a perfect river to try it on. Lots of scenic floating interspersed with great class IV drops and one class V with a very active sieve that most of the flow went into. No one had issues. I love trips like that. Unfortunately, my Go Pro walked off and I have no cool little video to put up. I still haven't found it. Bummed. I had a lot of video, of other trips, too. Anyways...

More coming soon, kiddies. Getting ready for the Professor Paddle Ball!! Haven't heard of the PP Ball? Check it out...   2011 PP Ball

May 2, 2011

EF Lewis and the Robe Race

The East Fork of the Lewis is a lovely bit of whitewater that PDX'ers hit up after work in the spring. And after the big logjam on Canyon Creek, the Northwest Creekin' Comp got moved over to the EF. As we all know, rivers have the tendency to create dynamic, ever-changing environments and that logjam on Canyon Creek found out the hard way. In Jan western WA and OR saw a big winter flood. The jam that some said would be there for the rest of our lifetime on Canyon Creek, moved on. So now, this year, the NW Creekin' Comp is a two day event!!

High water was the case for the Comp this year. So much so, that the course was moved upstream to a slightly less rowdy section of river, the finish line being 50 feet downstream of a very full Sunset Falls. Beautiful scene for racers and spectators alike. Sunset is a really fun waterfall. And the race went off without a hitch. Thanks to Luke Spencer, Next Adventure, the volunteers!!!, and everyone who walked around Sun morning picking up bottles and cans. NW Creekin' Comp is a great event lots of people come to!! Luke promised even more water for next year. Thanks, buddy.

yes, it's a kayak in the back seat of grandma's car.

Totten ponders... dog-wit-a-hoodie

typical kayaking rif raf

I just wanted a clean pan

There were thousands of people here, but for some reason my camera wouldn't turn on until I slept with it in my pocket Sat night.


this tarp saved our ASS Fri night, it poured all night

good times
For those who like to keep track, the race results are at the bottom.

Robe Canyon

Even the name is curious. Rumors and stories have been shared and embellished by boaters for decades about this run. Hundreds of different rapid configurations over the years have come to make this run stand out among class V paddlers. A sweet run can turn epic if you get caught when the water's comin' up. Robe turns sinister at high water, letting only those who have the 'extra' special pass' on by. It's no wonder there wasn't a race in here sooner!! Thanks, Todd Gillman, for being the catalyst for such a fine yearly gathering.

Robe is extra special. It's an hour from Seattle and runs most of the winter, especially when it's cold and everything else is shut off. The run, in all, is 8 miles, but the concentration of rapids happens in about 3 or 4. Big drops, big water, and plenty of sharp shallow rocks, Robe is known for constantly changing. That's one reason this race is so interesting to the 'core boater'. Core boaters come from miles and other countries away. Sometimes it's a loong way to drive, just to get a gnome. But this race ain't  about the prizes... unless you count a lady handing you a beer at the takeout.

Brian and AJ bust out the Robes from last year's win

Kiwi Andy dropping in to Garbage

Lane Jacobs looks on just before Tao and Darren boof  right down the drop

Christian, Nick discuss safety on the river

The race went off without a hitch! Due, in part, to the reasonable hour of 1pm to start. I think everyone agreed, a good move. 12 teams raced the course. Zero swimming. Some bad lines here an there, but overall a great race. I will certainly be back. We're gunnin' fer 3rd!! Mcflippin's goin' down.

finding magic in Robe Canyon is not difficult
the put in
practicing before race day

NW Creekin' Comp Results:

K-1 Women Pro
Kimberly Russell 15 16 : 19.60
Christie Glissmeyer 38 16 : 22.00
Susan Hollinsworth 31 16 : 34.00
Anna Herring 35 48 : ?
Kate Daniel 43 0 : ?

K-1 Men Pro
Tao Berman 21 14 : 45.50
Darren Albright 23 15 : 2.20
Ben Hawthorne 9 15 : 41.30
Mike Gottlieb 41 15 : 46.40
Paul Kuthe 32 15 : 55.90
Brian Door 26 16 : 1.20
Dave Hoffman 10 16 : 9.50
Brett Barton 3 16 : 16.60
Chris Totten 60 16 : 26.90
Connor Dixon 59 16 : 28.80
Luke Spencer 40 16 : 30.90
Jure Poberaj 13 0 : ?
Louis Geltman 5 0 : ?

K-1 Men Expert
Dan Rubado 97 15 : 23.60
Jeremy Bisson 33 15 : 41.10
Trevor Sheehan 61 16 : 11.30
Matt King 62 16 : 12.40
Nick Hinds 48 16 : 15.70
Jeff Hortley 30 16 : 23.00
Chuck Taylor 47 16 : 45.50
Dave Martin 44 16 : 46.70
Ryan Young 49 16 : 51.40
Logan Farrell 12 16 : 58.40
John Camp 54 16 : 58.40
Josh Armagost 1 17 : 0.10
Jon Shelby 45 17 : 9.20
Ben Hayes 52 17 : 20.20
Dave Porter 34 17 : 36.90
Ira Munkvold 53 17 : 40.30
Andrew Broder 58 17 : 43.10
Raymond Capone III 7 17 : 50.20
Luke Maddux 29 17 : 55.20
Jeffery Steehler 57 18 : 35.90
Joe Goldes 28 19 : 3.70
Chris Gabriell 6 23 : 37.70
Brandon Bloomquist 96 0 : ?
Willie Illingworth 11 0 : ?
Harrison Rea 16 0 : ?

K-1 Long
Tao Berman 92 14 : 18.50
Darren Albright 91 14 : 26.80
Louis Geltman 98 14 : 32.20
Jure Poberaj 93 14 : 49.10
Bryon Door 90 15 : 10.00
Paul Kuthe 88 15 : 31.50
Susan Hollingsworth 89 16 : 58.70
Jed Hawkes 18 18 : 40.80
Dave Hoffman 95 59 : 0.00
Ryan Young 87 0 : ?

K-1 Fun
David Pool 14 16 : 53.70
Josh Overly 55 18 : 5.30
Erik Frebold 4 0 : ?
Brandon Bloomquist 8 0 : ?

Riley Baxter 37 0 : ?
George White 17 0 : ?

Tim B. / Matt L. 24 19 : 0.00
Dan 64 19 : 3.00
Bruce R. / Jamie C. 25 19 : 27.00
Jake S. / Karl L. 20 21 : 16.00
Raleigh B. / Jim S. 19 22 : 0.00
Jake B Jens M 56 22 : 36.00
Caitlin F / Meghan F 63 23 : 0.00
Scott M. / Mitch G. 36 0 : ?
Darren A. 22 0 : ?
Tim W. / Josh S. 46 0 : ?
Wonder Ray 51 0 : ?

Orion M. / Andy M. 66 16 : 17.60
Ryan Y. / Anna 50 17 : 9.20
Joel M. / Kate D 42 18 : 19.70

Robe Race Results:

1. ROBES: Darren Albright & Tao Berman (28:34)
2. Louis Geltman & Andrew McEwan (29:02)
3. Brian Fletcher & Aaron Johnson (30:15)
4. Ben Hawthorne & Rob McKibbon (30:48)
5. Lane Jacobs & Jamie Wright (31:05)
6. Fred Norquist & Jure Poberaj (32:13)
7. Jonathan Ehlinger & Scott Waidelich (32:32)
8. Leif Embertson & Chris Tretwold (34:05)
9. Brett Barton & Chris Totten (34:31)
10. Mike & Joe Howard (35:28)
11. Jon Dufay & Jon Prentice (37:06)
12. GNOME: Steve Arns & Matt Kompass (38:30)

Go boat.