Jul 29, 2011

Upper East Fork Miller

The Skykomish drainage holds some of the biggest stouts around. And don't kid yourself, just because Tao grew up around here doesn't mean he found everything. He did find this one, though and so did I. The EF Miller has some of the steepest whitewater I've probably ever paddled. Massive drops and totally continuous gradient make this section V+/VI. It took us six hours to complete our first descent. We found the beers at the take out to be quite a tasty treat.

I've been struggling with my mostly disagreeable laptop, oh yeah, and windows movie wrecker to create something decent. I'll put some pics up after I've had a chance to go through them. Til then kiddies, enjoy this fine bit of whitewater magic.

Upper East Fork Miller from Brett Barton on Vimeo.

Jul 28, 2011

The Little White

The Little White Salmon is some of the steepest, high-quality whitewater I've ever paddled. Since the early 90's when this river was first pioneered to high water runs like the Wells Bros. descent at 5 feet, this river is chosen by paddlers the world over to test skill and to appreciate some of the finest steep creek moves... anywhere. The Little White just happens to be in Ryan Scott's backyard. Come race day he couldn't find a partner, so he and I paddled this run most of the weekend, setting safety at a couple places on race day was great! Watchin' everyone coming through, stompin' down stream. Good times.

Here's a clip of some fun boogie and sweet boofs from our trips. Enjoy!!

Little White goodness from Brett Barton on Vimeo.