Mar 8, 2010

The O. P.

The Olympic Peninsula is a wonderful place to find yourself lost in. For kayakers in the Seattle region it is a short 2-3 hour drive and can feel like a mini-B.C. Seasoned huckers and beginners alike, who love being in a canyon will find plenty of adventure. Having just recently set my sites on this underexplored zone, we headed to the south O.P. not sure what we would find.

We were leaving Seattle early Friday morning. Me calling Jerry: 'dude, you up?' Jerry: 'uhhmm' Me: 'get up' Jerry 'what time is it'. I knew it was gonna be good. We got packed up and were on the road by 8. Ian had flown in last night and was heading out with his brother Eric. 

We knew the West Fork of the Satsop would be low, but how low? Not much else going, the rains had stopped a few days before Ian showed up. We rallied. 

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