Sep 29, 2010

Chelan Redux

Chelan was so good 2 weeks ago, we all came back for another round. It's magical. People greet you in the morning, excited to watch you paddle a sick canyon stretch. They cheer from the canyon rim, hundreds of feet above. And meet us at the take out with smiles and enthusiasm. Thanks Kris, Chelan PUD, Tom O'keefe, AW, uhh, security? and everyone who made flows possible this year. I didn't miss a day and you can bet I'll be back for warm temps, water, and warmer smiles. Thanks everybody!!! Here are the pics. A little bit of excitement, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh? You all come for the photos anyway. Just like me...

We paddle safe.

Rob McKibbin, ready to pull me out

                        a good tooling...      Dan Patrinellis photo

The magical sleeping town of Bavaria, one hour from Chelan!!

dropping into the Meat Locker     Dan Patrinellis photo

                         reeaally fast...        Dan Patrinellis photo 

Gordon drops in at Throne





                    Fish on the Throne       Dan Patrinellis photo

                                     Dan Patrinellis photo
A-train, mid-stomp @ Super Boof

               Adrian rocks Throne           Dan Patrinellis photo

The Teddy Bear was "on location" and the following are some of his images from the events that transpired...
Thanks, Teddy.

photos courtesy: Teddy Anderson photo

Scott tells Matt and Connor all about the pretty whitewater


Robe Canyon ain't the only place with gnomes!

Brad summons "the force" at Entrance Exam




equipment malfunction? or Gnomes!!

Fish on his third lap at Entrance Exam!!


Paddle or Die!

asleep under a full moon

Tumwater lap with Joe

Bowman greasin' the bottom stopper at Entrance Exam

feeling alive

under the harvest moon

Yours truely, workin' it out somewhere.

Pictures never do justice. Come check out Chelan next year for yourself!! Or just check back here for more goodness, yet to come...  Til next time, don't get stuck between a rock and a hard place.

be careful kiddies, the world is a mean place...


Jerry Jascomb said...

Hey, Brett - Looks awesome! Great photos. You guys got it good out there.

Jerry Jascomb

Brett Barton said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jerry. It was great watching you fire up Ricochet on Icicle Creek and Elbow Room on the Ohane. This winter is looking epic. Hope to paddle with ya next year, too! Take care.