Mar 22, 2011

Winter Update: numba too

This has been an epic winter paddling season for us here in Western WA. Plenty of stoke to go around. 
Dig in. 

town wall

The best journeys bring up questions we never thought to ask - Yvonne Chanaurd


Totten tappin' into some high speed goodness

the river is just a ridiculously great place to be

Dave wishes everyone a Merry Christmas from the Carbon Canyon

Totten @ Last Sunshine


T-1 (pre-   nasty rootwad)

livin in the mountains isn't that bad

Christian Knight

horses are steezey too

Christian checks his kit

Carter prepares for the hit at Last Sunshine
Almquist mid-steeze

POW rocks

There is no reason not to live here. The boating is ridiculous and the more I paddle here the more I find. Matt Kurle and Dan Patrinellis put together a sweet video of some of the region's best whitewater. Take a look at:       MELTDOWN

Don't worry kiddies, more steezed out gorges coming soon. Stay tuned.

...and just for fun  here's a neat little clip          from us..

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