Nov 8, 2011

Robe Canyon: Fall 2011

Robe Canyon is a pretty girl. When Robe gets big hang on!! She will beat you up if you don't give her the attention she deserves. Flows can be a mystery, especially in the winter months when it rains. Even though the gauge is at the take out, what lies upstream can be described at times as 'anybody's guess'. To figure out what the flow might be there are tools like geometry, statistics..  engineering calculus perhaps, but nothing can really train you for Robe Math. You just have to go and hope for the best on those rainy days. What am I talking about? Well, Rob McKibbon describes it this way, "it's the only run where you want it to be lower at the put in and HIGHER at the take out. HAHAHAHAHH!!" I never know what he means when he laughs like that.

To say Robe Canyon has a flashy nature leaves much of the story to ponder. There is just so much more to it!! Robe Math and all, she's a pretty place to spend the afternoon.  Off Broadway, Hole In The Wall, Conversation, Last Sunshine, Hotel California... just a few of the goods. In the meantime, here's a small video snippit on Miss Robe dishin' up some big water love. oh yeah

Paddle safe.

music: AWOLNATION -Sail

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WJJ3 said...

thats a sweet video man. nice boating too...