Aug 13, 2011

Body Maintenance: Back and Shoulders

As an athlete being injured is always a concern. I like finding tips like these from Kim Russell!! After a big playboating season last year my shoulders and back were pretty sore and inflamed and it took several months for them to return to normal. I've modified my training program with some different kinds of stretching and yoga as well as periodic weight training. Enjoy!!



Aug 4, 2011

High Water: Top Tye

The Top Tye, near Stevens Pass on Hwy 2 is an excellent class V creek, boasting nearly continuous rapids and drops. Many are boat-scoutable. Many are of the highest quality and should be thoroughly explored. On a fine day this spring the Top Tye was running high. Rob, Darren and I were terrified once we got down to Box Drop. (not really). The Tye was lookin' husky. We put on. Good times. Please enjoy responsibly.

Top Tye, a bit high from Creek Sides on Vimeo.