Jun 4, 2013

Little White Race 2013

The Little White Salmon has long been known as an epic class V run. Stay on line and you'll probably never get your head wet, but miss a boof or catch an edge and it could mean a trip to the ER. As kayakers continue to increase the stakes and push into more complex and demanding race courses as well as higher consequence for mistakes, it's easy to see why an obvious choice is the Little White.

It's awesome to watch some of the most talented athletes from all over the world make these lines look so good. Props go to the SAFETY CREW and World Class Academy for shuttling and making an event like this shine.

Mens Single Down River
1. Evan Garcia 15 min 2 sec
2. Gerd Serrassolses 15 min 11 sec
3. Louis Geltman 15 min 12 sec
4. Todd Wells 15 min 25 sec
5. Darren Albright 15 min 50 sec

Womens Single Down River
1. Katrina Van Wijk 17 min 3 sec
2. Sandra Hyslop 17 min 21 sec
3. Nouria Newman 17 min 21 sec

Team Race Down River
1. Michael "Miguel Shields" / Nice Yalan 17 min
2. Orion Meredith and Niko Peha 17 min 7 sec
3. Chris Leach and Matt King 17 min 52 sec
4. Kim Becker and Dave Hoffman 18 min 1 sec
5. Dylan McKinney and Clay Lucas 18 min 8 sec

Mens Slalom
1. Evan Garcia 50.59
2. Galen Volckhausen 50.86
3. Kyle Hull 54.22
4. Erik Johnson 56.64
5. Rush Sturges 57.21

Women's Slalom
1. Katrina Van Wijk 1.31.60
2. Nouria Newman 2.54.77
3. Sandra Hyslop 2.56.04

Not much to say about this one. It's the Little White, y'all.

Evan Garcia cranks off a sick lean

Gerd Serrasolses

Matt King

jah Bisson mid steeze

Brian Burger chargin

Jules Domine



Lane Jacobs

catch your eddies 

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