Jan 22, 2014

Upper Jah

The Upper Jalacingo is just one sick stretch in the legendary Rio Alseseca drainage. Upper Jah starts out looking kinda pathetic, especially running stuff like Big Banana or Tomata. Quick enough though the Jalacingo cleans right up and paddlers will become stoked at the awesomeness held in the canyons below. Make no mistake, though, you'll want a guide on this stretch. There are so many places you just can't get out and many of the 5-7 portages on this run are must-make and not obvious from above. That said 3-4 hours on the water is average when you know where you're going. So many boofs, waterfalls and slides, paddlers are certain to leave Jalacingo's canyons with smiles plastered on their faces. Hard not to love Veracruz!

Here's a little edit I put together on the Upper Jah. Such a good run and there are a whole lot of drops and slides that just didn't make it in to this edit… I guess you'll just have to see this jewel of Mexico yourself. Til next time y'all…

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