Sep 7, 2012

A Warrior's Path

We are all challenged by our own lives...

         ...face things which tear us down to our core
                                and reveal things we truly fear.
Being dismantled is as much a part of natural life
as finding contentment in a field of grass and radiant warmth.

I have yet to come out the other side...

and find the reason to my life's rhyme. So I keep looking..  
Inspiration comes, and pain is met with a resounding tone 
of acceptance along with a feeling of familiarity. I've been here before.
...trying to love what IS.

The Warrior's path isn't always pleasant..   or rewarded. Often,
 it is not even understood,  and at times feared..   
           even ridiculed. 
It takes true courage to live a life and accept all that comes...

                            and keep going.

Respect to those who continue on into the face of the unknown, making discovery about themselves and the world which surrounds them...   and those things which we all fear. 
Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all. For no one knows what we are truly capable of...    how ferocious..   kind..   horrific..   endangered..   artistic..   damaged..    or loving.

...until we test ourselves..    and show ourselves.      Respect.

OF SOULS + WATER: THE NOMAD from NRS Films on Vimeo.

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